Messianic Jewish Learning

Messianic Jewish teaching to prepare you for high school, college, career, and the rest of life

First Fruits of Zion is an educational ministry providing Messianic Jewish teaching about Israel, the Torah, the Gospel, the Kingdom, and the life of discipleship.

The Dream

Here’s the big picture of what we aspire to create:

An educational experience for high school graduates transitioning into college and career, the Gap Year Program is a specially designed educational program that focuses on questions of faith, practice, and life in general, and teaches the fundamental core principles of Messianic Judaism and the Kingdom of Heaven.

A program that will give students a strong sense of identity and connection to others before they begin pursuing future life pursuits. The program will give high school graduates an opportunity to immerse themselves in Messianic Jewish learning, participate in Messianic Jewish community, and come on an extended visit to the Holy Land.

Courses of study may include the following:

  • Bible Survey Courses
  • Biblical Geography
  • Hebrew Language Learning
    Messianic Jewish Studies
  • World View and Kingdom Mission
  • Apologetics
  • Defense of Yeshua Faith
  • Modern Day Israel Education and Experience
  • Life Questions & Issues

The Israel trip may include the following curriculum:

  • Land of Israel Studies
  • Hebrew Learning
  • In-depth Bible Study at Biblical Sites
  • Messianic Jewish Learning
  • Messianic Luminary Teaching Series
  • Jewish History and Zionism Classes

Service projects will be specifically geared towards serving the people of Israel and will include:

  • Working the Land in Judea and Samaria
  • Volunteering with Israel’s Bereaved Families
  • Feeding and Visiting Israel’s Holocaust Survivors
  • 1-2 week IDF Volunteer Program
  • Helping Clean, Paint, and Remodel Israeli Schools
  • Picking up Trash on the Shores of the Galilee

Throughout the Gap Year’s Israel segment, students will not only watch their faith come to life, but also experience the Bible come to life through our unique educational programs, experienced Bible-teachers, Hebrew teachers, Israel land experts, and a unique opportunity to meet local Messianic Israelis, IDF soldiers, visit local Messianic synagogues, and build relationships that will last a lifetime.