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12-21 is the youth ministry of First Fruits of Zion. All teachers, materials and programs are directly affiliated and pulled from First Fruits of Zion material. 12-21 teachers and program directors are familiar and actively engaged in First Fruits of Zion. Learn more about First Fruits of Zion

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The copying, sharing, or duplication of any First Fruits of Zion or 12-21 publications is not permitted.

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While we grant permission to reference any First Fruits of Zion or 12-21 publications or resources, written or electronic, creating derivative works in any form, written or electronic, (eg. a booklet, or blog) from any material, is strictly prohibited.

All First Fruits of Zion and 12-21 publications are subject to the copyright protection laws of the United States and its international convention and treaty partners. If First Fruits of Zion or 12-21 has given you expressed written permission to reproduce a specific work, that written permission must accompany each individual copy you make.

For more information please see: Copyright at First Fruits of Zion

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For more information please see: Privacy at First Fruits of Zion

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