About 12-21

Preparing the Upcoming Generation

First Fruits of Zion is proud to announce a new initiative specially designed for youth between the ages of twelve and twenty-one.

12-21 was created to prepare the upcoming generation of Messianic Judaism for the work of the Kingdom by instilling confidence in our identity through foundations of biblical literacy, teachings to equip us in defending our faith, and training in how to contribute to a community of believers.

We specifically focus on social connection through events and youth gatherings. We provide Messianic Jewish learning through unique events such as: Shabbatons, internships, summer camps, retreats, Israel tours and Bible study programs that equip our generation with the tools to understand and live out Messianic faith.

Our logo is designed to communicate an initiative dedicated to youth between the ages of twelve and twenty-one. In addition, we’ve created the Hebrew letter צ (Tzadi) which signifies the first letter of the Hebrew word צדיק which means “righteous” or “righteousness.”

12-21 is dedicated to helping raise a generation of righteous individuals set on living life in the way of truth and godliness. Our goal is to establish a generation that brings forth the righteousness of God's Word—the message of Messiah—and continues in the mission of the Kingdom.

12-21 was created to sustain and educate in the depths of Messianic Jewish faith by providing a place where we can learn the history of our faith, engage in discussion, and discover the teachings of the Kingdom. Join us in the discussion and come meet other like-minded young individuals through our many events and activities.

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