Life-Changing Experiences

Bringing together Messianic youth from across the world through a variety of programmed events, volunteer projects, and opportunities in Israel.

12-21 Events help bring together Messianic youth from across the world through a variety of Shabbatons, seminars, retreats, and even trips to Israel. At our events, youth make connections and grow friendships while getting excited about discipleship, study, and relationship with God.

Camp Tzadi 2020

In My Father's House

Camp Tzadi 2020

Camp Tzadi 2020

When: 22 July — 4 August, 2020

Come back on January 15th for alumni camper registrations. Applications for new campers open February 1st!

Camp Tzadi is a unique Messianic summer camp experience that offers teenagers ages 12-18 a space to meet other Messianic teens while enriching their faith through Messianic Jewish education and make lasting friendships in a supportive, open, and spiritual environment.

Join us for an amazing, spiritually transforming summer as we work to continue building the Kingdom and future generations of Messianic Judaism.

Camp Tzadi is hosted by Camp Oakridge in Anadarko, OK and offers kosher food, water fun, high ropes, aerial adventure park, arts center, sports, hiking, Israel programs, and many more fun and exciting activities! See you at camp!

Israel Youth Adventure Tour

Tentatively scheduled for 2021

Israel Youth Adventure Tour

Israel Youth Adventure Tour

Join 12-21 for an adventurous two-week trip to Israel on our Youth Adventure Tour. For ages eighteen to twenty one, the Israel Youth Adventure tour is a life-changing trip focused on Israel connection through in-depth touring of the Holy Land—modern Israel—exploring the history of Messianic Judaism in the Land and exploring the land of the Bible through fun, interactive adventures. Itinerary will include: backpacking in Israel, volunteering with Holocaust survivors, Israeli Defenses Forces, working the land in Judea and Samaria and hosting Shabbat dinners for local Israelis.

Camp Tzadi 2019

Kingdom Come — Reversing the Natural Order

Camp Tzadi 2019

Camp Tzadi 2019

When: 3 July — 16 July, 2019

Camp Tzadi offers a unique combination of community, Bible learning, Messianic education, and fun activities. This 2-week summer camp for Messianic youth will enrich their faith, provide a setting to meet like-minded peers, and make lasting friendships in a supportive, open, and spiritual environment. Come join us for an amazing, spiritually transforming summer.

Camp Tzadi was hosted by a host camp in Rolla, Missouri, with lake fun, horseback riding, high ropes, aerial adventure park, arts center, sports, hiking, Israel programs, and many more fun and exciting activities!

Going Offline — Winter Shabbaton, 2018

Offline Winter Shabbaton

20 - 24 December 2018 Register Today!

Register Today!

This winter we explored what it means to reconnect to the “offline you”—how to be authentic in a world that is almost entirely superficial. Together we took the courageous plunge to look at our hearts without the Snapchat filters or Instagram likes. What makes you unique in God’s eyes? How can the “authentic you” help build the kingdom of God? We made new friends and enjoyed a fun weekend together in beautiful Georgia!

Camp Tzadi 2018

August 1-13, 2018


We had a summer of a lifetime in the Wisconsin Dells! Read about it here…

12-21 Shavu'ot Conference


When God gave the Torah to the Jewish people, he wrote it in black fire upon white fire. That is how we describe the Torah's supernatural descent from heaven into the hands of human beings. The Torah provides practical instructions for living, but it also burns like a supernatural flame from heaven that we can use to light a spiritual fire on earth. Discover how the giving of the Torah brings a revelation of the divine into our daily lives.

The 12-21 initiative for this year's Shavuot teaching tract was "Black Fire on White Fire." Together we explored why the Torah is important to us and how to live a life centered on God's commandments.

12-21 Winter Shabbaton, Hudson, WI

Our three-day event had lots of winter fun, and a Shabbaton at Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue. Read more about what happened.

Camp Tzadi

August 10th-20th, 2017Application Forms »


Join us for the summer of a lifetime in the Wisconsin Dells! Read more information about Camp Tzadi here.

12-21 Shavu'ot Conference

May 28th-31st, 2017


As we grow up, different life situations begin to present themselves. We are then faced with different choices that will ultimately define our destiny. In a world that is constantly contending for our attention, and with peer pressure from others, how do we know which choices are right and good? God tells us “There are two ways: one of life and one of death; however, there is a great difference between the two ways.” Didache 1:1

Today, God still asks us to choose life. Yet how do we know which path is the path of truth with so many voices around us? With so many voices that are negative and pull us to the path of darkness—how can we be sure we are choosing the right path? How do we know that we are walking in the way of life?

Come join the 12-21 initiative for this year’s Shavuot teaching tract “The Two Roads.” Together we will explore these questions through an ancient work called the Didache that contains practical instruction for living a life of discipleship to Yeshua. Come meet new friends, enjoy our annual cookout, play lots of volleyball, and enjoy a cruise on the St. Croix River!

Shavu'ot 2016

First 12-21 Event: Unlocking the Parables


During the 2016 National Shavu'ot Conference, FFOZ's new 12-21 Initiative kicked of its first ever meeting, only half a block down the street from Beth Immanuel in Hudson, Wisconsin. The young adults in attendance were presented with lectures addressing the parables of Yeshua and were taught how to understand the context and meaning of such passages. The independence offered by the separation of the youth from the adults created a context that encouraged open, peer-level discussion and opportunities for each student to develop their own thoughts and perspective.

Hanukkah Shabbaton

December 29th-January 1st, 2016


At the end of 2016 over Hanukkah, First Fruits of Zion’s 12-21 Initiative hosted its first event. More than 50 kids and young adults between the ages of twelve and twenty-one gathered in Hudson, Wisconsin to celebrate Hanukkah, where they spent almost four days together learning, praying, worshiping, and fellowshiping. It was a weekend no one will soon forget. The first event in the 12-21 program was a smashing success.