Thank you for your interest in serving with us. We are excited and grateful to include you in our Camp Tzadi family. Learn what it means to volunteer, and then apply!

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Camp is a very special place where teenagers and young adults can come together, build their community, and develop life-long friendships. Camp is a place to discover God and take on the faith of our parents as our own. Camp is a magical place that bonds like-minded friends and gives them the tools to grow into discipleship together throughout life.

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It takes a unique group of people to make this happen for our campers. Creating a healthy and motivating atmosphere for our campers is our utmost priority. We put a lot of effort into making this happen, including gathering and vetting our staff at camp. Below you will find information on the various positions we have at camp and what is required of each position. Please prayerfully consider each position and choose the area you feel best fits you.

Volunteer Teams

Counselor Team

For ages 18-30 only. Working as a counselor requires an extraordinary personality and a love for working with youth and investing in their lives. As a counselor, you will be in charge of six to eight campers between the age range of twelve to seventeen. You will guide them through their camp experience. From waking up in the morning to making sure they are ready for the day, to eating all three meals, and of course, fostering a healthy and safe cabin culture. Your campers’ experience at camp is largely dependent on how YOU can create a fun and spiritually uplifting experience for them.

Kitchen Team

Welcome to the best place of camp! The kitchen crew certainly has a blast while working with our team to provide healthy and nutritious meals for our campers. At Camp Tzadi, we value the ideals of kashrut (kosher eating) and do our best to maintain a kosher kitchen. Serving in the kitchen includes cooking food, washing dishes, dancing to fun music, and getting all the smiles and compliments from the campers!

Activities Team

Help us make camp extra fun! Joining the activities team will offer a variety of tasks throughout the day. Helping facilitate crafts, sports, special programming, and the like. You will be setting up activities, helping with clean-up afterward, and making camp run as smoothly as possible.

Medical Team

If you are a certified nurse, EMT, or have a background in medical practice, we would love to have you at camp! As part of the medical team, you will be in charge of dispensing medication to campers, treating scrapes and bruises, and giving small over-the-counter medications for minor afflictions. This position requires individuals who can manage many people and keep track of treatment.

Specialty Team

If you have a talent in the area of music, teaching, or leading prayer services, we would love to have you as a member of our specialty staff. On this team you will be assigned a specific area of leadership at camp and will work closely with our team to develop the curriculum.

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Once you’ve decided which position you will fit best into at camp, it’s time to apply! You do so by clicking on this link here:

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More Information


As a volunteer for Camp Tzadi, all of your expenses will be paid for throughout the duration of camp. This includes your meals, lodging, and part of your travel.


At camp, we have two separate cabins for our volunteer staff. One for men and one for women. We have limited space for family housing for married couples or young families, and we will need to arrange it based on volunteer needs.


Camp Tzadi is located right outside of Detroit, MI. We require all staff to come to a two-day training before campers arrive. There is an optional day after camp is over to stay for a fun and relaxing day that we provide for our staff as a gift. We highly encourage all of our staff to stay for the entire duration but also understand other commitments that one may need to return home for.

Staff Requirements

Staff dates: August 15-29

Members of the activities and kitchen team can choose dates within these times. If you are a volunteer on these teams, you can come for a shorter period of time during camp. Members of our counselor and medical teams are required to remain for the duration of camp.

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Once you’ve decided which position you will fit best into at camp, it’s time to apply! You do so by clicking on this link here:

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After we’ve received your application, we will set up a zoom interview with a member of our upper staff. At that time, we will further detail the position for which you’ve applied.

Thank you for your time and your desire to serve with Camp Tzadi. Helping develop the next generation can be hugely rewarding, and we are excited to share this journey with you!