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Toby Janicki

Toby Janicki

Toby grew up on the east coast and attended Bible College in Texas, where he met his loving wife, Shannon. They now live in Hudson, WI with their four children Aharon, Hannah, Isaac, and Abby. Toby began working with First Fruits of Zion in 2006 and is the author of the book God Fearers and a commentary on the Didache, The Way of Life. He speaks all over the US and abroad sharing his passion for understanding the Bible in its Jewish context.

As the main teacher for 12-21 and camp dad, Toby is devoted to creating a program that will pass the torch of Messianic Judaism to future generations. He is heavily involved in 12-21 youth retreats and seminars as well as Camp Tzadi. In his teaching he focuses on identity issues and Bible understanding for teens and young adults.

“I love teaching the vision of the kingdom and especially love teaching young adults. I see myself as young at heart and enjoy working with teenagers and young adults in a fun and interactive environment. I like writing, reading, traveling, and am always up for a good hockey game! My favorite place to be is outdoors hiking or snowboarding on the slopes of a snow-covered mountain.”

Shannon Janicki

Shannon Janicki

Shannon was raised in a home that loved Israel and has always felt a connection to the land. In her young twenties she pursed her love for Israel and the Bible by attending Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, Texas. There she met Toby, and after marrying they started their life together in Colorado. They have raised four extraordinary children and now reside in Hudson, Wisconsin. In addition to being a mom at home with her children, Shannon has worked as an elementary teacher and has always been involved in youth mentoring.

As the administrative assistant in the 12-21 program, Shannon brings organization and administration to 12-21 events. She is our camp mom and is always there for support and a listening ear to all who need it.

“I’ve always known my calling is to work with youth and my years as an elementary teacher taught me a lot about working with kids of all ages. I love working with teenagers and young adults as their world is just starting to open up. I am passionate about many things and find that my heart is always turned towards Israel. My pride is with my amazing children and I am so honored to be their mom. I love being outdoors in the sunshine and hosting events in our home. I love the summers and look forward to camp each year!”

Jeremy Schoenwald

Jeremy Schoenwald

Jeremy grew up at summer camp…literally. His father directed a Christian summer camp and year-round retreat center in Pennsylvania. This provided Jeremy with a unique set of experiences from hard work on the maintenance team to teaching swimming lessons and Bible classes, being the resident foosball champ, and leading a cabin full of inner-city kids for several summers. Camp was also where he was given the opportunity to develop his skills as a videographer. He began working for First Fruits of Zion in 2008 as a camera man in addition to video and audio editor. Jeremy met his wife Hollie online and have a loving and happy marriage with two young children.

"Summer Camp has always been the highlight of my life! It's a place where I can make new friends, experience the great outdoors, play a good game of basketball or ping-pong, enjoy a hot afternoon dip in the pool, stand in awe of a magnificent God as I sit next to a crackling campfire under a star-filled sky, and spend a significant time inspiring kids to achieve their potential. Now I get to join all these things with my passion for Messianic Judaism!"

Hollie Schoenwald

Hollie Schoenwald

Hollie was raised attending Christian school for the length of her education. She has a passion for health and exercise and pursued these studies at Wayland Baptist University. She is a southern gal from Texas. She attended a Christian sports summer camp in Belgium during the summers of 2006-2009 and was part of the leadership team where she organized activities for volleyball. During her time in college Hollie started studying the Bible in depth and fell in love with the truths and depth of Messianic teachings. She met her husband, Jeremy, and started her dream life with him. She is a mom of two and is a Licensed Massage Therapist.

"I love being with people! I don't crave the spot light but I'll join in for a good time. I especially enjoy building friendships and having a variety of activities to do together making memories of a lifetime. Summer camp is the kind of party that includes all of this! Come and join the fun, let's make some beautiful memories!"

Want to Be a Counselor?

Looking for a great, fun, and fulfilling way to get connected and serve your community? Be a counselor at Camp Tzadi! Being a counselor is an extremely fulfilling experience for young twenties looking to serve and connect to a group of people that share their same passions. For ten days during the summer your position as a counselor will be to help lead your teens in activities, lessons, and programing that will give them an amazing summer camp experience.


  • Promote an enjoyable experience for all campers
  • Make sure all campers are comfortable with and included in activities
  • Maintain safety of campers at all times
  • Help keep camp well structured and organized
  • Lead evening cabin times


12-21 and Camp Tzadi highly values godliness in every aspect of life. We want our counselors to desire to live according to what we pray from the siddur: ”Let a person fear heaven privately and publicly, acknowledging the truth and being mindful of the truth.”

At camp we strive to develop a counselor team that holds values in godliness, modesty, balance, spiritual and emotional maturity and has exemplary behavior both in their private and public testimony. Counselors who are applying should be familiar with FFOZ teachings and comfortable with the theological framework that FFOZ and 12-21 represent.

Other Requirements:

  • Be at least eighteen years or older
  • Have two professional references
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Open to being interviewed by our staff
  • Able to attend training sessions
  • In good health
  • Punctual and organized
  • Able to demonstrate emotional maturity and good judgement
  • Be a positive testimony both privately and publicly
  • Be active and accessible on social media
  • Be willing to have a background check from both your home state and the state of Wisconsin.

If you are interested in becoming a counselor and feel that you fit the requirements above, please fill out our counselor application. We will be in touch with you shortly!

Counselor Application