Camper Life

A 2-week summer camp dedicated to connection, community and growing in faith

What You Need to Know about Camp


Non-Stop Fun

Get ready for two weeks of making new friends and having the time of your life while hiking, rock-climbing, horseback riding, lake fun, water skiing, Israel days, camping, swimming, and sleeping under the stars! If that doesn’t get you pumped, how about some outdoor cooking, painting, arts & crafts, in-depth lessons, music, reading times, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs over the fire, and so much more. Trust us, you will not be bored. There’s something for everyone at Camp Tzadi!


Learn New Things Too!

The fun of camp doesn’t end with the activities! You will learn about your faith in a new and exciting way. Teachings and lessons will inspire you to dig deep into your Bible to find the depths of truth, become a disciple of the Master, and learn to live out the kingdom of heaven. Together we will explore not only belief in God but how to practice our faith as well. At camp we will experience youth-led Torah services, morning prayers, Bible studies, songs and dance, and lessons that are relevant to our lives both practically and spiritually. Bring your Bibles and be prepared to understand your faith from a whole new perspective!


Traveling is Easy

Whether you arrive by sky, land, or sea we’ll provide you with all the information you need to get to camp in safety and comfort. If you choose to fly, our awesome staff and counselor team will be there to pick you up at the airport. If you’re making the trip by car and would like to carpool, let us know and we’ll see if something can be arranged! Camp is so easy to get to you won’t even need a GPS!


Pack the Essentials

If you’re not sure what to bring (or not) on the amazing adventure you’re about to embark on, take a look at the list below. Pack what you need, but don’t bring your entire wardrobe, pantry, or entertainment center, and especially not your pet dog. Camp Tzadi Packing List


The Food Is Spectacular

Imagine all the deliciousness of a home-cooked meal, eaten in a campground surrounded by forest, with all your closest friends, three times a day...and for those of you who love food like the rest of us, we eat snacks in between each meal too! Camp Tzadi campers and staff all eat together in the main dining hall and all food is certified kosher, prepared in separate meat and milk kitchens.



You can enjoy the delicious Camp Tzadi meals without any worry over your diet or allergies. Whether you’re allergic to three out of the five food groups, vegetarian, pescetarian, paleo, or vegan, you can eat a full and healthy meal with everyone else. Our camp kitchen offers a wide variety of food choices makes it easy to accommodate any diet. Just let us know what your favorite foods are and we will put in a special request just for you!


A Roof to Sleep Under

You, your friends, and your counselors will all sleep in a cabin together. After sharing a living space for two weeks, your cabin mates will feel like family. Girls and boys sleep in separate cabins and each counselor has a private room attached. Don’t worry, your mighty mighty counselors will protect you from any critters, small or large, that may enter your precious sleeping space.


You Will Always Be Safe

Our staff and the ‘round-the-clock nurses and doctors station will make sure that you are healthy at all times. If you break, sprain, cut, or contract anything, we promise you’ll be well taken care of! Let us know about any medication you take so that we can make sure you get everything you need. And should you get a little sniffly at camp we will provide you with warm blankets, hot tea, and a little TLC from all your friends.


Sign Up Already!

Now that we’ve told you all about the fun of camp, sign up below and we will review your application and get you ready for the summer of a lifetime! Don’t forget, in addition to applying you will need send in a recommendation letter as well. Download the form under the application section.


Don’t Forget the Forms!

Once you’ve applied to camp, send in your health forms and waivers in order for your application to be approved. Once we’ve received your application, health forms, and the waiver we will be in contact with you over the phone and email to approve your request to attend camp!

Get Ready for Camp!

Our next Camp Tzadi is not far away. Start planning and preparing now!

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