Applications and Payment

Complete these essential steps to participate in any 12-21 event or to get ready for camp.

Applications Forms

In order for your campers to have a safe and fun time at camp it is important that all relevant information is submitted before the due dates. Please be in touch with our Camp Tzadi team for instructions and due dates.

Download All Forms

Get all the forms contained in steps 1-3 below

Registration & Payment

Pay only after you have submitted all your forms

Step One

First fill out these two forms and send them in. Instructions are included on each form.

Step Two

Upon application approval, fill out these forms next.

Step Three

Everything you need to know about getting ready for camp, see you there!

Other forms and docs associated with Camp Tzadi

Forms A, B, and C are only relevant if you would like to become a Camp Tzadi Counselor or Volunteer, and are not required when applying for Camp.