Ten Reasons to Come to Camp Tzadi

Here are just ten reasons why you, like me, should be jumping up and down for camp.

S Michael


12-21 activities Camp Tzadi relationships summer camp

It’s simple. Camp is single-handedly the best way to spend your summer. Camp Tzadi puts the icing on the cake.

This summer is not only going to be epic with counselor and campers coming from all over the world, it's also our first year ever. Do you know what that means? The possibilities of camp are officially endless.

Here are just ten reasons why you, like me, should be jumping up and down for camp.

1. The Best Summer of Our Lives

There is nothing quite as awesome as summer. School’s out—no more homework, no more studies—just the sunshine and freedom. With the launch of Camp Tzadi, this summer is bound to be the best summer of our lives. Fun, friends, adventure, and laughter await us. We have so many exciting activities planned that it’s bound to escalate Summer 2017 to something we’ll never forget.

2. Meeting New friends

What’s better than meeting new friends and having ten days of fun with them? At camp you’ll meet friends who are just like you! And these friends won’t just go away when camp ends—they will be lifelong friends whom you’ll get to connect with all throughout the year and make lasting memories each year at camp together.

3. Sunshine and Sunscreen

Don’t forget your sunscreen! We are outside swimming almost everyday. With massive water trampolines, blobs, waterslides, gliders, canoes, kayaks and the like, we can’t resist jumping into the water daily at camp!

4. Morning Prayers

Prayers? Yep, that’s right. Every morning we have a daily prayer service filled with drums, singing at the top of our lungs, dancing, and learning new ways to connect to our Maker.

5. Counselors

We've put together an especially awesome counselor team for you this year. With musicians, artists, students, IDF soldiers, managers, awesome talents, and many more fantastic individuals who can’t wait to welcome you to camp and become your bunk counselors!

6. Try New Things

For some, trying new things may be scary, but in the end it’s always worth the effort. At camp you’ll get to try many news things with new friends cheering and supporting you every step of the way!

7. Campfires & Songs

While there are many fun and awesome things about camp, the best comes out once the sun sets, and the good ol’ smell of campfire rises in the air. Exhausted, but alive inside, we sit around the campfire, sing songs, share our hearts, talk about our fears, and discover that we are not so alone in this crazy world—because what else matters when you’re sitting by the warmth of the fire surrounded by people who love you unconditionally? Also, don’t forget to bring your musical instruments for some serious jam sessions!

8. Shabbats

What’s better than taking a nice afternoon nap? Get ready for some great Shabbat activities, parashah learning, Shabbat food, and of course—more singing!

9. Nature

A famous Rabbi once said, “If you want to experience God, go out into nature.” At camp we spend almost every day out in the woods. You’ll get some good quiet time to experience God in his nature and be inspired by creation.

10. Self-Discovery

The best part of camp is that moment, toward the end of camp, when you realize you never want to leave. You’ve learned so much about yourself, your faith, God, and you’ve bonded with your friends so closely that a day without them seems just awful. This is actually best part of camp because it gives us memories that we will forever hold on to, smile, and return to.

See you at camp campers!

If you have NOT signed up for camp yet—do so soon! We are limited in space and we want to make sure everyone who wants to can come. You can sign up here: https://1221.ffoz.org/camp-tzadi/

About the Author

S Michael was raised a second generation Messianic Jew and serves within the community both in the United States and Israel.


12-21 activities Camp Tzadi relationships summer camp

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