An Answer To My Prayers

Camp Tzadi was a tremendous blessing, and a definite answer to prayer in my life.

Enjoying music around the camp fire.

Miranda Acred

Camp Tzadi

camp Camp Tzadi prayer Shacharit

As I stand here reminiscing, I find it hard to believe camp was three months ago! In a way, it feels like it was just yesterday, but also so long ago. That's the feeling you get when you miss something grand and amazing.

Camp Tzadi was a tremendous blessing, and a definite answer to prayer in my life. I had no idea that being a camp counselor would affect my life in the ways that it did. Applying to Camp Tzadi was me trying to follow a prompting that HaShem placed on my heart to minister to the youth; to be a bright light, and Lord willing, an example to the up-and-coming generation. I hope the campers know just how much they blessed me! We had an wonderful group of staff and campers this first year of Camp Tzadi, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it! I was terribly late applying for camp, so I know it was only HaShem who saw fit to bring all the pieces together less than a month before camp started.

The community and warmth of camp life was evident days before the actually camp began. Everyone on staff has such a heart for the Lord, and were all incredibly focused on one thing above all—making sure camp was a blessed, beautiful time for the campers. When it was all said and done, I think everyone agreed that the hard work our lovely director and diligent staff put in paid off immensely well!

Every day we did new activities with the campers—lots of fun games, crafts, and the like. But what was truly inspiring and heart warming is that near the end of camp, many of the campers said their favorite time was something regular, familiar, and God-honoring: Shacharit Morning Prayers. Hearing from so many of the young adults that morning prayers had become one of their very favorite times at camp was nothing short of wonderful!

The young adults who came this year were a bright and amazing group for us counselors to have been blessed with. During the daily study time, I was with the oldest age group, and I was proud of their insights into the Scriptures and their discussions about the topics we tackled. Their hearts for the Lord were clearly evident, and it was good to see.

To sum up my entire experience at camp I would have to say that when I arrived at counselor training I did not know anyone, but when I left less than two weeks later, I felt as though I were leaving family. I think that for all of us as Messianic believers, being a part of a community like that is priceless.

About the Author

Miranda is a Camp Tzadi counselor from Texas.

Camp Tzadi

camp Camp Tzadi prayer Shacharit

Enjoying music around the camp fire.

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