A Time to Build Community

Camp Tzadi was a building place and a building time.

12-21 campers at Camp Tzadi, 2017.

Josie Poeschl

Camp Tzadi

camp Camp Tzadi community prayers relationships Shacharit

Who would I run to?
My thoughts would only have room on paper.
My mind would merely take in the wisdom
From the world.
As selfish as it may seem
I want more than the world.
I want to roam across the land
And roam from cloud to cloud.
I want to roam across the land
And see the souls outside from the people.
I want to be in a forest
Not wondering or caring if I am lost
Because you will always know
That there is a way
An end to that forest.

These were my thought before rolling onto the dirt road of Camp. I needed to remind myself that there truly is a spiritual being out there who cares for individual people, and who cares for me. Like any teenager, or for that matter like any right-minded human, young or old, I was questioning my beliefs.

When I arrived at Camp Tzadi, I instantly felt welcomed and cared for by all the staff. As all the campers started rolling in I could sense the excitement and energy in the air. It really did feel as though all of us were meant to be there in that place and at that exact moment. We were all in sync. We were all connected; we all had something in common. We didn't have to explain what we believed in and all the complications that tag along with it. We didn't have to explain because we didn't NEED to—we were all Messianic.

Camp Tzadi was a building place and a building time. It was a time to build old friendships and create new ones—a time to build community. It was a time to build upon the detail of your beliefs and a time to build your connection, your relationship with HaShem. I have never been able to connect with the prayers. I have known that they carry an importance to our religion, but they have never had an importance in my walk in faith. I can confidently say that the thing that most affected me throughout camp was the morning Shacharit prayers. Each day that we would read and sing those prayers I would find something that stood out to me, that described the beauty of my beliefs and the beauty of my God. That experience will stay with me every time I recite the Shma and pray the Amidah.

I'm not saying that I will never question my beliefs ever again because that is just a normal part of being in a religion, but now I know that I have friends to go to when I do have questions. Now I know that I have a strong, courageous, and just God to run to.

About the Author

Josie is sixteen years old and from Minnesota. She attends Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship.

Camp Tzadi

camp Camp Tzadi community prayers relationships Shacharit

12-21 campers at Camp Tzadi, 2017.

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