Messianic Jewish Youth Initiative

12-21 is a community of Messianic youth strengthening the bonds of faith and community through programmed events and learning opportunities.

How to Do a Mitzvah with Just Your Face

The mitzvah of sever panim yafos recognizes the power that a smile can have and asks us to use it in a way that serves others.

Turning Strangers into Friends

We all came as strangers and left as brothers and sisters.

The Refiner’s Fire

Sometimes we need a little help with purifying the inside and that’s where trials come in.

Beginning again at the Beginning

Why is the human race in such a hopeless state today, and how can we fix it? The answers are “In The Beginning.”

Who We Are

12-21 is part of the ministry of First Fruits of Zion, created to provide the next generation of Messianic Jews and Gentiles with the community and resources necessary to live as followers of Yeshua.

What We Want

  • To establish a generation that can transmit the message of the Messiah and continues in the mission of advancing his kingdom
  • To educate the next generation in Messianic Jewish faith, practice, and heritage
  • To encourage discussion and social connection among Messianic youth

How We’re Making it Happen

  • Online articles, education resources, and social media presence for learning and connecting with a young Messianic community
  • Conferences and programmed events combining social interaction and classroom learning
  • A ten-day summer camp packed with adventures, education, and spiritual growth


Check out what's already been happening and what we are now planning.

Our first Camp Tzadi was recently held in Wisconsin Dells and it was a huge success. We'll be posting info about upcoming events here.

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